Fight Club Sandwich 

The members of Fight Club Sandwich met while studying improv at the Magnet Theater in NYC, and their friendship is the special sauce that keeps them thriving. Their bread and butter is exploring layered characters, investing in meaty relationships, and spreading it all across a series of interconnected scenes. Tomato.

Fight Club Sandwich performs regularly around New York, and has been featured at the Newark Improv Festival, LIT FEST 2018 in Washington DC, the Providence Improv Fest, the We're Trying Here Festival, NYC Improv Fest 2019, the North Carolina Improv Festival, and Two Friends Improv in New Orleans.

Off the suggestion of a non-geographical location, they start with a big fun group scene, then break  off to follow different characters and relationships from there. It's all very exciting. 

Performance: Thurs, June 6 at 5 pm

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