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 Electric City Puppets 

They have fur. They have horns. They have corrective lenses and plaid shirts. This troupe of weirdos, whatnots and whatchamacallits perform improv comedy like you've never seen before! Pay no attention to the humans attached to them. These puppets aren't merely an extension of the improviser, the puppets ARE the improvisers!

Developed at the MopCo Improv theatre in Schenectady, New York, a crack team of performers had to retrain their hands to be improvisers, bending and sometimes breaking the traditions of improv. Through their experimentation, they discovered the puppets can explore space work in ways that are physically impossible for regular performers and that the very nature of puppets brings levity and absurdity to otherwise mundane character choices.

We loved these furry friends last year and can't wait for them to take the stage again!

Performance: Thurs, June 6 at 7 pm

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