Originating from the association with specific words defined by the audience, three main characters walk on a nonverbal journey of improvised stories. Scene for scene wordless, however strong-voiced and with unconstrained body language, altered worlds emerge and are explored with and by the spectators/viewers. Equipped with vocal sound tools, music and words on paper notes, which are collected from the audience prior to the show, the imKubik Ensemble embarks on telling entire stories without using one single spoken word.

Towards the end of 2014 by a so called happy ”coincidence” three crazy Improv Actors met on stage as one theatresports-team… it was love at first sight. Immediately after the show, they decided that the time had come, to set into motion what apparently was obvious for many – to form an ensemble. That night manifested the trio “imKubik”.

Ever since, the three gentleman like to surprise each other live on stage. They truthfully live by their motto: Pure inspiration here and now! No matter how insignificant a moment may appear, with their intuition and their highly inspirational energy, they manage to turn it into a highlight no new TV show can offer.

Juliet & Juliet - Meghan Wolff and Sami Haeli - make their triumphant return to the Ocean State Improv Festival as headliners.

An improv duo from Minneapolis, MN & Los Angeles, CA,

Juliet & Juliet improvise eloquent, oddball, feminist Shakespeare. They love language. They love murdering one another. They definitely love empowering female characters more than Will did. 

While much shorter than Shakespeare's original works, everything from comedies to tragedies to the occasional history play is within their scope. Kings will be fools, fools will fall in love, lovers will die - and women will get what they want.

Juliet & Juliet have performed at HUGE Theater and as guests of Duofest (PA), the Improvised Play Festival (TX), the Twin Cities Improv Festival (MN), Stumptown Improv Festival (OR), Mprov (Montreal), and the Ocean State Improv Festival (RI).

 Squirrel Buddies 

Squirrel Buddies makes a triumphant return to the CTC having last performed here in 2015!

Roy and Jon describe their show as an exercise in extreme playfulness and aggressive positivity. You never know exactly what form their show will take, but you know it will be fun!

The duo met in Austin, TX where Roy is the Artistic Director and Co-Owner of The Hideout Theatre and part of Parallelogramophonograph, our 2017 OSIF Headliners. Since then Jon has moved to Mexico City, and the duo are excited to reunite at the Ocean State Improv Festival for some silly fun!

Squirrel Buddies.jpg

 Elderberry Jam Improv 

Elderberry Jam Improv from Boston perform short scenes with plenty of games mixed in! They call themselves a vintage troupe, so you are in for some old-school fun!

This is their second appearance at the Ocean State Improv Festival, and we're excited for more vintage fun!

 The Bench Warmers 

The Benchwarmers is a trio of professional musicians/composers/performers. Individually, they’ve played piano for countless improv shows and workshops in the Northeast and the wilderness beyond. Now, with at least thirty fingers between them, The Benchwarmers are excited (thrilled! relieved!) to move off of the piano bench and step into the limelight as improv performers in their own right. 


Keith Munslow is the writer/creator of Providence’s monthly live variety show The Empire Revue, and is the creative force behind the new hit, Benny’s: The Musical

Mark S. Meritt is the musical director for the Mopco Improv Theatre in Schenectady, NY and its longtime Spontaneous Broadway show. 

Eden Casteel performed in Bravo! An Improvised Musical at the CTC and also played for CTC’s full length improv shows, including Whodunit and Slamming Doors

 Large Mouth Bass 

Large Mouth Bass is the monthly musical house team from the Providence Improv Guild. Headed by the musical expertise of Keith Munslow on keyboard, Large Mouth Bass performs a pop-opera format where every line is sung. LMB has been performing at PIG since 2013, and has been featured in various festivals such as Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Magnet Theater's Musical Improv Festival, and the Providence Improv Festival.