June 6, 2020

The Micro Marathon is a family-friendly, artist-driven race event for children, giants, characters, and people of all ages and abilities. Includes a parade, 11 divisions of 0.262-mile races, and a beer garden patio concert party celebration.

Race starts at 2 pm in Saugatucket Park, and the following party on the patio goes until 9 pm with bands, food, drinks, an awards ceremony, and more!

Race Details:


0.262 miles (select categories: 0.0262 miles) from Saugatucket Park to the CTC Patio


*You may register for more than one division! The more the merrier!

Youth (5 Divisions)
Mini Micro Division: 4 and under, with parent (0.0262 miles)
Mostly Micro Division: 5-7 year olds (0.0262 miles)
Mighty Micro Division: 8-10 year olds
Mega Micro Division: 11-13 year olds
Mondo Micro Division: 14-18 year olds

Adult (5 Divisions)
Boring Grown-Up Division: 19-64 year olds

Master Micro Division: 65-79

Mature Micro Division: 80 and up

Adaptive Division: All ages (Adaptive athletes are welcome in any adult and Micro-Marathon Specific divisions as well!)

Pride Division: Everyone welcome, Rainbow and/or Wear-Your-Flag attire encouraged but not required.

Micro-Marathon Specific (4 Divisions)
Character Division: Any character, costume, or impersonation

Dog-Walking Division: Must be walking a minimum of 3 dogs (Must be on leashes. Bonus time for each extra dog.)

Slow-Mo-Pro Division: 15 and up for anyone who has run an actual  - last finisher wins. (0.0262 miles.)
Giants Division: Any person or character over 7 and a half feet tall


$15 to Race in any category, includes prize/ribbons, party admission. 

Kids 10 and under: $10

"Adaptive" division is the right wording, the registration can ask: "What is needed for this athlete to have a successful race experience? We will welcome and include any and all racers, and want your help in making the division meet everyone's goals." 

Micro-Marathon Registration Form

Registration fee is $15.

Thanks for registering! Watch for an email with details closer to the race date!