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 Mom Not Included 

We are a father/daughter team that performs an improvised Chekhov play. We both love Anton Chekhov. So in 2014 we decided to compete in the Providence Improv Guild's Battle for your Bacon. We were so popular that we were asked back to perform on a semi-regular basis at PIG.


What we do is take a suggestion from the audience and create several characters that inhabit the melancholy world of Anton Chekhov in early 20th Century Russia. What about humor, you ask? Through careful study we have found that Chekhov is full of humor.and makes an ideal improv form. Each time Mom Not Included takes the stage audiences have been "wowed" by the respect given to the form and how seamlessly a story is presented with such rich characters. 

Performance: Thurs, June 6 at 5 pm

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