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Thurs, June 9 at 5:30 pm

NC-17: Nick and Conor is a duo troupe consisting of two good friends, the aforementioned Nick and Conor. They met in Houston, TX in improv classes, and immediately had great chemistry on stage whenever they were in scenes together, so much so that they decided to forgo performing with any other people for the rest of their lives (jk). Offstage found themselves bonding over taking existing scenes from movies and TV shows, and twisting them in ways that made each other laugh. And that's when the light bulb went off...

When beginning their duo, Nick and Conor realized that audiences enjoy both the narrative structure that reenacting a movie provides, and also the fact that they could perfectly recreate any movie to a tee, while playing multiple characters to boot. Since mid-2018, Nick and Conor have had several performances as a duo, and are still loving every opportunity they get to entertain.

Nick and Conor with 3D glasses watching a movie with their image tripled in red, green, and blue.
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