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Serious Theatre with Real Actors

Sat, June 8 at 11 pm

Have you ever experienced art?​

No, you have not.

Never fear, Serious Theatre with Real Actors is here to provide you with the culture that you have clearly been lacking.

The National Theatrality Observatory of the United Nations says, "If your region is equipped with a "theatre", we will send a few of our performers of excellence to inhabit and embody Theatre. Well versed in more than 12,000 plays, they'll select based on the bodies in the room the one that will most accurately address the turmoil of the sad lives of your dimming community members. We perform only short extracts of the plays to avoid permanently shattering the fragile minds of the audience. The performance will be followed up by a talk-back where the audience misunderstanding of the play will be corrected."

They would tell you what to expect, but you wouldn't understand. Here's what others have said about their experience:​

"I thought I understood how to feel, but after enlightenment by Serious Theater with Real Actors I can now feel without thought. I still don't know how to feel correctly yet, but at least I'm doing it with a clear mind while on a flight to Paris."

"When a show defies description as vehemently as this one, don't ask questions--just go see it."

Two male actors in black with pink light around them. One actor is in crab-walking position. The other actor is beneath him between his legs.
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