Ensemble Storytelling

This workshops explores how to create a story/play/movie that centers around multiple people rather than a single main character. Topics include how-to smoothly and realistically improvise backstories, maintain balance and focus, create groups for multiple stories lines, and have a good time with what could easily be a big ol’ mess!

Jon Bolden is a director, instructor, and improvisational actor from Austin, TX, now based in Mexico. Past productions include Manhattan Stories or Nothing and Everything: Anton Chekhov inspired Original Plays (winner of 2015 Best Improv Production & Director). With a degree in Theater from Marietta College in Ohio, Jon moved to Austin in 2006, bringing his passion to the city’s booming improv and arts scene.


Fri, June 7, 10 am - 1 pm

Ensemble Storytelling


    Contemporary Theater Company


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