Learning the Value of Failure

"Tight muscles are detrimental to learning, so stay happy! Screw up with good humour!  

You can’t learn without failing so we should welcome failure and laugh, because we are on the right track.

Thats when the audience loves you.”  Keith Johnstone

Get an introduction to Keith Johnstone's style of improv from Veena Sood, one of Keith’s long-time students, and co-founder of Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre Company. Banish fear with exercises to inspire your partner and make the other person look good. All with a good dose of failure to keep us humble and get over that very human fear of failing.

Veena Sood is an actress and one of the co-founder and originators of Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre Company, having worked with Keith Johnstone for over 40 years. Veena now acts primarily in film & television productions, and is the Artistic Director of The Life Game Vancouver, one of Keith Johnstone’s most recent formats.



Sat, June 8, 10 am - 1 pm

Learning the Value of Failure