Seeking Truthfulness: Acting for Improvisers

“Don’t think, Don’t concentrate, Be average, Dare to be more boring!”  Keith Johnstone

Veena Sood offers a toolkit of exercises that help improvisers and actors alike find the truth in their work. It's all about removing anxiety, creating truthfulness, and finding the truth in human behaviour in the impro work. “Being average” allows automatic processes to take over, and there are parts of the brain that are infinitely more skilled than our social self. Learn the secret to being a good listener and letting that drive your work!

Veena Sood is an actress and one of the co-founder and originators of Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre Company, having worked with Keith Johnstone for over 40 years. Veena now acts primarily in film & television productions, and is the Artistic Director of The Life Game Vancouver, one of Keith Johnstone’s most recent formats.


Thurs & Fri, June 6 & 7, 10 am - 1 pm

Seeking Truthfulness: Acting for Improvisers