The Moment 

Chris and Kaisa have performed two memorable performances as a duo - one featuring many short scenes including an audience meet and great, the other an epic love story stretching across decades in the Finnish lapland. What's in store this time? They'll know in "the moment."

Kaisa and Chris are both improvisers, instructors, and community leaders - one in Finland, and one right here in Wakefield. They only play together a few times a year, but it is an annual highlight for both.

In their instruction, both teachers emphasize honesty, vulnerability, truthfulness, physicality, silence, and genuine fun. Their shows are a reflection of these common interests!

Performance: Wed, June 6 at 7 pm


New Ensemble Workshop

with Kaisa Kokko

Working together for two days will culminate into a once in a lifetime performance at the festival!
The workshop will concentrate on grounded acting exercises, truthful and genuine characters, organic ensemble work and physical theatre.


Jump in on this chance to develop your skills in authentic stage work. We will focus on multiple elements of playing with an ensemble and how to use our imagination to its fullest.

Join Kaisa on a journey through a true exploration of the improvisational theatre and experience the magic of supportive group!

Thurs & Fri, June 7 & 8, 10 am - 1 pm, $72

Getting Closer

with Kaisa Kokko

Throughout our lives we are being poured into certain molds, shaping us within our societies. How do we break out of these boxes we are placed in at birth and begin to feel comfortable showing our true selves? 

How do we play different characters with a truthful and believable range of emotions? How can we get more comfortable touching and being touched by each other? How will we beat the fears concerning intimacy on stage and let ourselves tell the full stories of our characters? 

This workshop concentrates on honing our skills in human nature through love scenes, experiencing and exploring closeness on stage and sharing our fears, insights and ideas on the theme. By creating a safe environment we have a wonderful possibility to learn more about getting closer.

Sat & Sun, June 9 & 10, 10 am - 1 pm, $72

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