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 Writers Workshop 

Writing Group Callout


Ashley Macamaux and Witt Tarantino are looking for a group of dedicated, ambitious, and focused writers to participate in a series of workshops with the goal of generating new work. 


The first iteration of this workshop is completely free to participants, as we figure out the best way to facilitate this new kind of group. We will be using zoom and google docs as resources, as well as any personal materials you need to write. We only ask that people dedicate the time we have asked of them.


We are looking for no more than 6 individuals to take part in 9 meetings beginning on February 8 at 6 pm. The group will be meeting virtually every other Tuesday, through May 31.


The focus for the group will primarily be on writing for the stage.


All experience levels are encouraged to submit. 


The goal of the group is to create a space where aspiring writers can share their work, receive feedback, and provide and receive accountability within the group. Although not a requirement, participants will have the option to participate in a public reading the first weekend of June (date TBD).  


At each meeting, every writer will have the opportunity to submit an excerpt of their work for feedback. Writers will be required to submit their work 48 hours ahead of class, 6 pm the preceding Sunday, so each writer has ample time to read. Feedback can either be submitted through writing before class, or in the time allotted to each artist during the meeting. 


Writers will also be provided with prompts for warm-up writings each week, and have the option to participate in a collaborative piece that will span the length of all 9 classes. 


In order to express interest, please submit a biography telling us a little about yourself, a short sample of your work that is no less than one page and no more than five, and why you would like to commit to this type of structured workshop. Feel free to include any writing experience you would like us to know about.


Submissions can be sent to


Deadline to submit is 12 pm January 22, 2022. 

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