Summer Season Auditions: Sunday, ​February 27 and Tuesday, March 1 from 6 pm - 10 pm at the CTC

*Added date: Wednesday, March 2 from 6 pm - 9 pm

The Contemporary Theater Company will hold open auditions for its summer season - The Neverending Story, Adapted by David S. Craig, based on the novel by Michael Ende and directed by Tammy Brown, Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus and directed by Maggie Cady, and As You Like It by William Shakespeare and directed by Ryan Sekac.

Actors interested in The Neverending Story should prepare a 1-2 minute monologue, poem, or story excerpt, preferably in the style of fantasy or sci-fi. If you are auditioning for As You Like It, prepare a 1-minute Shakespeare monologue. For Men on Boats, if you are auditioning for one of the other shows, you do not need to prepare a separate monologue. If only auditioning for Men on Boats, prepare a 1-minute contemporary monologue of your choice! At the audition, we'll work with you on the monologue with different directions to see how we work together, so come ready to play!


Auditions slots will be 15 minutes. Email to sign up. Please indicate in your email what time works best for you.

All actors in these productions will receive a stipend. At the CTC we proudly employ and embrace non-traditional as well as color-conscious casting. Actors of Color are particularly encouraged to audition! No parts available for children at this time - must be 15+ to audition. ​All performers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received a booster shot before beginning rehearsals.

The Neverending Story - Fridays and Saturdays, June 24-July 30 & Sundays, July 10 & 17, All shows at 7 pm - Inside Theater

Needed: 7 actors to play multiple parts, including puppeteering (no parts for children)

One day, a child stumbles upon a curious book, and is swept away in its magical story… The land of Fantastica is under threat of being consumed by The Nothing, and only young Atreyu, along with his trusty horse Artax, can stop it! Join us on this epic adventure full of creatures, characters, and puppets.

Men on Boats - Fridays and Saturdays, Aug 12 - Sept 10 & Sept 8, All shows at 7 pm - Inside Theater

Needed: 10 actors for an adventuring crew who are women, non-binary, and/or trans! - No cis-men

The thrilling true(ish) history of an 1869 expedition on a mission to chart the Colorado River. This show is full of fun physicality and quick dialogue as the boats hit rapids on their journey, as well as thoughtful scenes that look at group dynamics, leadership, masculinity, and why we explore.

As You Like It - Sundays and Wednesdays, July 24 - Aug 24, All shows at 7 pm - Outdoor Performance Patio

Needed: 8-11 actors for lords, ladies, fools, shepherds, and more

A Shakespeare comedy full of love and crossdressing!

Character breakdown details:

The Neverending Story 

Bastian, a boy of ten (played by an adult). He uses literature to escape the perils of his everyday life. 

Atreu, a young hunter of the plains. The chosen one who must save Fantastica from being destroyed by the Nothing.

An Ensemble of 5-7 folks who through puppetry, movement, physicality the force of imagination will play bullies, booksellers, buffalo, trolls, winds, and the other mystical and magical creatures of Fantastica. 


As You Like It  

(Some of these parts will likely be doubled.)

Duke, Living in exile

Rosalind, His daughter - a resourceful, strong willed young woman 

Celia, Daughter to Frederick, Cousin and BFF and confidant to Rosalind  

Frederick, His brother, usurper of his dominions 

Jaques Lord attending upon the exiled Duke, has a melancholic disposition and waxes philosophical  

Orlando, Youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys, Rosalind’s love interest  

Touchstone, a Clown 

Phebe, a Shepherdess, beloved by Silvius 

Audrey, a goatherd 

Amiens Lord attending the exiled Duke

Le Beau, a Courtier, attending upon Frederick

Charles, a Wrestler

Oliver, Jaques, Sons of Sir Rowland de Boys

Adam, Dennis, Servants to Oliver

Sir Oliver Martext, a Vicar

Cornin, Silvius, Shepherds

William, a Country Fellow, in love with Audrey

A person representing Hymen, goddess of marriage


Men on Boats 

None of the following roles are to be played by cis men. We are seeking a diverse cast of folks of varying age, race, and body type. The preference is for POWELL to be played by an actor with a disability. OG and Seneca Howland should be played by people of color.  


John Wesley POWELL - one-armed leader of the expedition 

William DUNN - hunter and trapper 

John Colton SUMNER - former soldier, current explorer 

OLD SHADY - Powell's older brother, Civil War vet 

BRADLEY - lieutenant, manic with youth 

O.G. Howland - printer and hunter 

SENECA Howland - O.G:s quiet little brother 

Frank GOODMAN - British, so excited

HALL - mapmaker, old soul 

HAWKINS - the cook 

TSAUWIAT - a Ute chief(doubles with O.G. Howland) 

THE BISHOP - Tsauwiat's wife (doubles with Seneca Howland) 

MR. ASA - a desert settler (doubles with Goodman)

The Contemporary Theater Company holds open auditions for most shows! We are committed to diverse casts and opportunities for actors of all races, genders, identities, and experience levels.

Stay tuned for more info in the future!