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*Financial aid is available for all classes - no paperwork required.

Contact Maggie Cady at for more information.


Find out more about our classes:



Improv 101
(Ages 15-100+)

with Jess LeClair & Tina Moore

Sundays, Sept 24 - Nov 12, 6 pm - 7:30 pm

Our most popular and longest-running class, Improv 101 is a perfect fit for anyone and everyone! Students have ranged in age from 15 to 80+, and all backgrounds, careers, personalities, and levels of experience and ambition are welcome!

This class makes it fun and safe to play, improvise, and even perform in the most supportive and enjoyable environment imaginable. It is the perfect introduction to the CTC's signature style of acting and improvising - supportive, in-the-moment, and here to play! 
Whether you see yourself onstage or just want to try something new, Improv 101 is right for you.



Saturday Drama Workshop

with Matt Fraza & Tina Moore

Ages 4-16

Stay tuned for new dates.

Kids can explore the art of theater through games and scenes, all building to an end-of-workshop showcase! This class focuses on the students and what is most exciting to them!

Choose the price that is right for your family: $233 / $204 (Use code 204) / $175 (Use code 175)

Can't make all the classes? Drop-ins are welcome! Drop-in rate per class: $33 / $29 / $25
You can pay for the drop-in either at drop off or pick up.

Music Improv

We dive into the world of music improv to take your scenes to the next level! Have fun and be silly with this new adventure. Cynthia makes music improv fun, easy, and not at all intimidating.

No music experience of any sort required!

Improv 101 completion or instructor permission required to attend.

Stay tuned for new dates.

Improv 202

In Improv 202, we will be working on how to feel at home on the stage. Build on the collaborative work of Improv 101 while exploring new improv tools like status, gibberish, and more. Discover new possibilities in improv!


Completion of Improv 101 or instructor permission is required.

Stay tuned for new dates.

Improv 303

If you've ever wondered how stories are made and tales are spun, then an adventure awaits you! Join us for Improv 303 as we set out together to explore how we can bring our work from short improvised scenes to longer, interconnected stories.


Anything could happen on the journey as we look at traditional structures to non-linear and unconventional approaches of crafting a story together. At the end of our travels, our time together will culminate in a show of longer tales and anecdotes based on our discoveries. Meet us at the trailhead- adventure and fellowship awaits!


Completion of Improv 101 & 202 or instructor permission is required.


Stay tuned for new dates.


Summer Camps

 Summer Camps - Stay tuned for 2024 info 

Creative Drama Summer Camp (Ages 11-14)

Enjoy a week of theater at the Contemporary Theater Company! Students will delve into a week of immersion into the theater world, exploring theater from many different angles, creating a show from scratch that's totally original and their own!

Musical Theater Camp (Ages 13-17)

Have a passion for musical theater? We’ll explore the journey a character in a musical goes through in a song. From character motivation to the importance of music in storytelling, we’ll cover it all!

Filmmaking Camp (Ages 13-17)

Lights, camera, action! In this crash course introduction to film, students will learn the basics of movie making and will work collaboratively to produce a group short film complete with a premiere night!

Improv Camp

Take that creative spark and learn how to spin it into fun onstage! Have fun with a week of improv learning games, skills, and collaboration. Get out of your head and onto the stage! Because of the nature of the camp, you can take it multiple times with lots of new games, scenes, and fun each week!

Drama Club Summer Camp (Ages 7-10)

Students are immersed into the theater world, exploring all aspects of creating a play and collaborating! They'll use all of this in their final presentation of a new, original play on Friday!

Life on Stage Camp (Ages 7-11)

This camp keeps you on the move! Learning how to move in theater is both fun and will make you shine every time you step onstage. In this camp, young actors will work on visual storytelling, creating movements that help the audience understand the world of the play, and gaining confidence onstage!

Physical Theatre Camp

Physical comedy is more than just slipping on banana peels! In this camp, we’ll dive into games and mini-scenes that explore physical comedy and theater. Physicality is key to creating memorable characters, and at the end of this camp, you’ll be unforgettable!

Young Writers Camp (Ages 9-14)

Over two weeks of camp, students will learn to turn the creative ideas in their head into a real play! Students will work together to write a play over the course of a week with guidance from the instructors. In the second week, students will take the play they wrote and bring it to the stage! They'll be writers, actors, and behind-the-scenes tech all in one!

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