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We have a new ticket pricing system that we think will better serve our community.

Here's what you can expect:

The Challenge

We want to acknowledge the reality that some folks in our community are able to pay more than others. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the shows that we produce, regardless of their financial situation.


At the same time, producing work at the standard that we hold ourselves to is an important investment.

The Changes

To better serve our audiences, we are rolling out a new system for ticket prices. Instead of having different ticket prices for lots of different events, we're streamlining to one system for almost all of our shows, which gives you more flexibility and control.

Regular tickets will now be $35. We haven't raised our prices since 2015, but our work gets better and better and our staff has doubled since then to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience for our audiences.


We ring the gong!


Regular Price


If $30 is just a bit too much right now.


Under 25 and and anyone who needs it.

We never take raising our prices lightly because we want everyone to be able to access the arts, regardless of their financial situation. Which is why we are adding $25 and $10 discounted ticket prices, available to anyone.

The discounted prices will be available to any patron on our website or to anyone who asks for it at the Box Office. As a company, we believe that striving for equity, whether it's onstage or in the audience, is key to creating a stronger and better community and society. We all need a little help sometimes, and that shouldn't stop anyone from being able to enjoy the theater!

If you are able to afford tickets with a little to spare, pay $45 to ensure that we are able to offer the discounted tickets to anyone in need. Plus, we'll ring the gong at the Box Office as a celebratory thank you!

Note on Tickets

We often have excited audience members waiting for a sold-out show. In the case of a sold-out performance,

if you have not arrived or been in contact with us by showtime, your seats may be released to standby patrons.


Seating is open admission, not reserved seats. Seats are first come, first served, so if you are coming with a larger party, we recommend coming early to get seats together.

What is a Preview?

Previews are exactly like the other performances. After preview weekend, the cast goes back into rehearsal to refine the show a bit more. If you come to a preview, you are the first to get to see the show, and the tickets are the same as our Pay-What-You-Can nights!

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