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Juliet & Juliet

Thurs, June 6 & Fri, June 7 at 7 pm

Juliet & Juliet - Meghan Wolff and Sami Haeli - make their triumphant return to the Ocean State Improv Festival as headliners.

An improv duo from Minneapolis, MN & Los Angeles, CA,

Juliet & Juliet improvise eloquent, oddball, feminist Shakespeare. They love language. They love murdering one another. They definitely love empowering female characters more than Will did. 

While much shorter than Shakespeare's original works, everything from comedies to tragedies to the occasional history play is within their scope. Kings will be fools, fools will fall in love, lovers will die - and women will get what they want.

Juliet & Juliet have performed at HUGE Theater and as guests of Duofest (PA), the Improvised Play Festival (TX), the Twin Cities Improv Festival (MN), Stumptown Improv Festival (OR), Mprov (Montreal), and the Ocean State Improv Festival (RI).

Two white women onstage, one sitting in a backwards facing chair with a smug look on her face and the other standing hunched like a wizened witch explaining a potion.
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