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Sustaining your emotional choices in the spaces between the words. In this workshop we will mine the silence for the specificity of your emotional intention. Come and explore the rich inner life of your characters. Play with the complexities of emotions that inform the human experience. Learn ways to extend the dynamic tension between players without sacrificing brevity. You will leave this workshop with tools for and appreciation of staying in the golden moment. 


Fri, June 7, 2 - 4:45 pm


More about Diana...

Diana Brown is an improv artist, teaching artist, actor, producer, director and voiceover talent. She was voted Most Valuable Mentor and Teacher at the San Francisco Improv Festival.


She leads the improv program at Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s School of Theatre. Diana is an instructor, producer and a member of the leadership team with Leela Improv Theatre in San Francisco.


Diana serves as the director for the ensemble The Professionals, and the duo Foolhardy.


She has had the privilege of leading Improv workshops, intensives and workshop to show experiences at SAVI Fest 2024, Improv Utopia's Camp West 2023, the 2023 Queen City Comedy Experience, 2023 IMPRIDE San Diego, Salt Lake City DuoFest, Queen City Comedy, 2nd Best Comedy Fest, Improv MKE, New Orleans Improv Festival, Denver Improv Festival, in San Francisco, Tucson Comedy Arts Festival, and 2022 & 2023 Vintage Improv Festival (with Jane Morris, Jeff Michalski, Greg Tavares, Lisa Lynn). 


Diana is appearing at OSIF in the Twilight Zone inspired But of Mind. She is half of the duo Bingewatch, plays in the improvised Shakespeare trio Gamesome Frolic, the trios POPTOP, The Witches. The duos Fleeting Reminiscence, Horrible People, DJ, Secret Lives of Villains, Salt and Pepper, and Davenport & Brown.


Diana is a guest artist with BATS Improv in San Francisco and a member of the acting pool with the San Francisco sketch comedy company Killing My Lobster. She has appeared at Ireland Improv Festival, Gather Improv, SAVI Fest, Rise Comedy Fest, SF Sketchfest, The Queen City Comedy Experience, San Francisco Improv Fest, Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv, San Diego Improv Fest, Wasatch Improv Fest, New York Improv Festival. Vintage Improv Fest, 2nd Best Comedy Fest, New Orleans Improv Fest, Twin Cities Improv Fest, Alaska State Improv Fest, Tucson Comedy Arts Fest and others. Diana also performs in scripted theater productions, appearing in festivals in New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.

The Space Between... with Diana Brown

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