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Fri, June 7, 10 am - 1 pm


Almost all Longform Improvisation and Narrative contains some elements of Deconstruction. In this workshop, we’ll play with the deconstruction of Scenes and Monologues (and maybe some other source material) but breaking down the different components of the source as inspiration for scenes. This will include launching from words, emotions, actions, themes, and implications while examining patterns as inspiration for narrative that presents itself organically. If time permits, we’ll do an overview of the different formal deconstruction formats that exist and play inside of those to get a taste of all of the ways that the ideas of deconstruction feed our approach to different longer forms of improvisation.


More about Joe...

Joe Bill is widely regarded as one of the best teachers of improvisation in America today. He is one of the founding members of Annoyance Theater Chicago where, for 12 years, he performed in and/or directed more than 60 different shows. He is the Director of Corporate Training at iO Chicago and is a Guest Artist in Residence at The Second City Training Center where he teaches intensives in Duo Improvisation and Improvisation for Actors. Joe first learned Improvisation and in 1977 studied and worked with Del Close from 1985 through the mid 90’s.


Joe has performed, coached, directed and innovated improv structure with a vast number of successful groups across the US, creating forms such as The Bat. Joe has taught and/or performed at every major improv festival in the United States, including the 2nd Annual Ocean State Improv Festival in 2018, and has traveled the world teaching improv.


Joe currently teaches and does corporate training at iO Chicago, is an Artistic Associate for The Chicago Improv Festival, and acts as an Artistic Adviser for a number of improvisation and comedy theaters all over the U.S. and Canada.

Deconstruction Basics with Joe Bill

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