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 Springboard Season Schedule 

Membership Tickets can be used at any of these performances.

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Springboard Season

A Festival of New Works

February 16 - April 19

The Springboard Season is full of work proposed and produced by local artists.  Every weekend features a different work, and it’s a staple of our commitment to community outreach, allowing new artists to emerge and showcase their efforts! It's a first peek at work that is in development and a chance to see the creative process at work.

Jungle Book: The Wrath of (Shere) Kahn
April 12 & 13 at 7 pm, April 14 at 2 pm

Jungle Book: The Wrath of (Shere) Khan is an irreverent, hilarious love letter to Rudyard Kipling's beloved stories. This is not your typical Jungle Book, featuring a narrator frustrated with their job, a mongoose trying to worm their way into the story, a nuanced discussion of the Law of the Jungle, multiple alternate endings and a barrel of laughs for the whole family.

Past shows this season...

What's Your Story? & Overheard: TMI
February 16 at 7 pm

Two shows in one evening!


What’s Your Story? is hosted by Lynn Swanson, a lifelong, beginner storyteller. We welcome all storytellers, story lovers and story listeners to share a true six minute or less story about themselves or someone they know. No rants, no standup (although humor is great), no judgements; just a simple, “listen to this“ on the porch or living room kind of exchange. Be prepared to be amused, entertained, or even for a potentially life changing experience! Bring a friend or two so they don’t feel left out!!

Look, up on the stage! 

It's a play, it's stand-up comedy, it's audience participation...


Leave the kids at home!

Overheard: TMI Edition is a 1-woman piece, performed by Mary Paolino. 

The Rescue & Stumped
March 1 at 7 pm

What does a goat have to do with rutabagas, political expediency, economic lunacy and a stimulus package? Can things get any more confusing? Join us for a reading of The Rescue by Ron Maine, with a new third act “STUMPED”, when a narcissist becomes the head of a super power it makes the goat scenario seem to be the better choice.

Tootsie & Roddy's Variety Hoedown & Untold Tales: Improvised Horror
March 15 at 7 pm

Two shows in one evening! 


Be a part of the New England Premiere and live taping of the Roddy & Tootsie Variety Hoedown! Roddie Evers and Tootsie Tatum have performed to millions with a troupe of peculiar entertainers from around the world. If you like music, jokes, cooking, and off color homespun relationship advice, come on down to the CTC.


Show Lineup

     Roddy & Tootsie Intro

     Mavis & The Pastor

     The Armenian Chef

     Mavis & Special Guests

     Tootsie’s Lonely Hearts

     Roddy’s Special Secret Guest


“The most fun you can have in 60 minutes while wearing pants, and a hat.”

In Untold Tales: Improvised Horror the audience gives the title of a yet to be told horror tale. Improvised shenanigans will ensue, that will both scare and delight, in this long form narrative based show!

Women in Circles & Lampedusa
March 22 at 7 pm

Two shows in one evening!

Women in Circles is a one-woman (and out-of-sight-man) play featuring a collection of monologues told from the perspective of varying women, real or imagined, throughout history and what they would say if they could speak

today. Warning: play uses incense throughout, and includes topics such as sexual assault and vulgar language. 

Lampedusa by Anders Lustgarten, featuring Michael Alper and Rosa Nguyen.

Two marginalized people — a Sicilian fisherman who now makes his living salvaging the bodies of Europe-bound migrants, and a young woman in northern England working as a debt collector — confront the dehumanizing aspects of their jobs, and in doing so find ways to bridge cultural divides, finding hope and connection where they least expect it. Note: Lampedusa includes strong language and descriptions of physical and emotional trauma.

Exquisite Corpse: Wizard of Oz
March 29 at 7 pm

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, half remembered, haphazardly assembled, and loosely improvised.

Exquisite Corpse is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled, each collaborator adding to the composition in sequence. Multiple authors re-write Wizard of Oz one scene at a time, entirely from memory. Valiant actors use their improvisation skills to keep the script coherent as the show unfolds before a live audience.

Are You Afraid of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?!
April  5  at 7 pm

All of your favorite horror tropes in one creepy, kooky, (somewhat ooky) sketch show! Following a group of distinct middle schoolers as they swap terrifying tales around the fire, such as a premature werewolf, an off-the-wall slumber party, and a chat between two of the greatest horror writers of the century!

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