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 Business Team Building and Development 

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Testimonials from Past Clients

"[I valued] the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment."

"This was one of the best workshops I have attended... [Chris] was prepared, patient, kind, flexible and resourceful. He used the time efficiently and it was very clear that he enjoys teaching. Chris was a gentle and positive instructor. I hope this workshop will be repeated in the future."

The Contemporary Theater Company provides facilitators for training sessions targeting any of the following competencies, or combinations thereof:

Improv for Leaders

Creative Collaboration Skills
How to Thrive with Uncertainty
Public Speaking
Playfulness in a Corporate Culture

Trainings can start run for as little as 90 minutes or carry into a multi-day experience, and can be customized to meet your timeline, availability, numbers, and needs. Single workshops yield profound impacts, and ongoing practice will develop sustainable transformations in teams and individuals.

We tailor programs to the needs of your group. We've worked on customer interaction for sales reps, productive communication within administrative teams, listening and flexibility for caregivers, and much more.

These tactics are being used by leaders the world over to develop teams capable of rapidly responding to new ideas and developing creative solutions. Incidentally, the process of learning them is also, by good fortune, incredibly fun. 

All workshops include guided reflection sessions as an essential part of the learning. 

For information on what we can do for your business, contact Christopher Simpson at or fill out the form here.

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