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 Improv Shows 

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A group of directors competes to create scenes with the best promises, themes, and WOW factors!


Who will win doubloons and who will walk the plank?

You decide!

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The CTC's longest-running improv show!

Performers compete for your votes and you decide the winner!

It's full of short scenes and a whole lot of laughs.

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A full musical - but it's all improvised on the spot! Plot, characters, and yes, all of the songs are created in the moment.

The audience suggests a title, then votes on their favorite pitch from the cast and away we go!

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Wild Card Night!

A new duo?

A new format?

Anything can happen, but you'll always have fun!

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Every show is 100% made up on the spot, so

it's always new and exciting.

1st Saturday of the Month: Wild Card Night

2nd Saturday: Micetro

3rd Saturday: Improvised Musical

4th Saturday: Pirate!

 Improv Classes 


Stay tuned for more info about 2023 classes soon!



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Coming in June

5-day festival featuring improv groups and teachers from around the world

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Coming in October

4-day festival featuring Black performers from across the country

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