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 Magical Lying Hour 

Hailing from Houston, TX, Magical Lying Hour mixes our two loves here at the CTC - scripted performances and improv!

The show unites contemporary theater and improvisational comedy to create a show that is not completely either. Each scene finds an actor performing her role from a modern play. She is directed and prepared for this role as much as any other role in any other production, and she is ready to bring this character to life on stage. However, she is joined on stage not by another actor, but by an improviser, who, like the audience, knows nothing about the play, the plot, or their character.

Together the actor and improviser work to build a world and perform their scene, all while the actor does not deviate from the lines prescribed by the playwright. Through listening, patience, quick-thinking, and cooperation the two unlikely teammates create something unlike anything they've done before.

We loved this show last year, and this year they are even incorporating scenes from our summer season! We can't wait!

Performance: Wed, June 5 at 9:30 pm

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