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Sat, June 8, 2 pm - 4:45 pm


As improvisers, we play with everything that is within us and anything anyone around us is willing to offer. Our communities have become more and more aware of the possible harm that can come from creating art, so it has become incumbent upon improvisers to balance liberative play with a safe, joyful experience. This discussion-based workshop will engage participants in how to co-create playfulness with an audience and steward joyful boundaries so that everyone involved in the play feels free to 'mask or unmask' to their comfort level, including the audience. Our play deserves playfulness, even when it's uncomfortable.


More about Alsa and Morgan...

Alsa and Morgan Bruno are married partners who work in many environments to serve liberation, regulation (self and co-), and joy. They spend a lot of time thinking about growth & transformation, interrogating what's socially acceptable, and fighting until they make each other laugh. Their experience as educators, knowledge of improv, and drama therapy background help them create spaces where folx are encouraged & excited to follow their natural curiosity. Alsa likes video games, trees, and playing with his community. Morgan loves superheroes, fantasy, and listening to stories.

Playing Safely With Our Sensitivities with Alsa and Morgan Bruno

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