Capital Campaign 

Because the CTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit, every donation is tax-deductible.

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   We are now presented with an opportunity to transform our audience and community experiences.


    We have received $150,000 in grants from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Champlin Foundation to expand our rehearsal studio. This expansion will take us one big step closer to our long-term goals for the theater and our space.


    With your help, we can seize this opportunity to transform the ways audiences interact with the theater with four interconnected projects:


Patio Expansion – With the expansion of the rehearsal studio coming up, now is the time to expand the patio to match. Last year our patio was overflowing with audience members for our Shakespeare on the Saugatucket shows and town events like Endless Summer and Oktoberfest. The expansion will create more opportunities for the community to experience these great, free events and brighten Downtown Wakefield with more gardens.


Lobby Expansion – As our audiences continue to grow, our current lobby does not provide the best experience for our patrons. We have plans for an expanded lobby to better serve our audiences and community and taking advantage of a two-week window in May that only comes once a year in which we can shut down the lobby for renovations.


Solar Panels – We see it as our duty to strive to be a responsible leader in our community and switching to solar power will be a highly visible step in environmental stewardship. Caring for our environmental footprint is vital in this day and age.


Rehearsal Studio Expansion – We are adding a new room onto our rehearsal studio, allowing for more classes and rehearsals. The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Champlin Foundation have funded this $150,000 expansion. The long-term goal for the building includes adding a second floor. With your help, we can add the second floor to the expansion now, saving us from having to tear the new roof off in a few years to add it. If we act now and take advantage of this opportunity, we can relieve the pressure on our overfull storage rooms and work toward our long-term goals at the same time.